What is FIT?

Fun(ctional) In(tegrated) Training

At FITMotion Studio our approach to fitness is two-fold:

1) Fun In Training. If we can help you find fun in fitness, you’ll experience life-long benefits.

2) Functional Integrated Training. Training the body to move as it was designed to move –with neuromuscular efficiency in multiple planes, accelerating, decelerating and stabilizing.

We’ve expanded the meaning of the word “FIT” If it’s a Yoga class, FIT might mean “Finding Inner Tranquility”. A Kettlebell student offered this definition: “Fitting Into Tight Jeans”. You decide what FIT means to you.

We’re dedicated to functional training principles, and fun, effective programs for a more fit body, mind, spirit and lifestyle.

In 2004, Sandy Young, CPT founded Sonoma FIT, now FITMotion Studio, in order to bring leading edge training principles to group fitness. We continue to specialize in cutting edge group training and fitness classes.