Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell FIT

Level II Drop-In Class

Level II Fitness Training Class*

Continue the Power of Kettlebell Training in this Level II fitness workout: 45-minute kettlebell blast. Get more bang for your time. This is the total body workout for students who have completed the Kettlebell I Total Body Fitness Workshop or who can demonstrate proficiency to the Trainer. Follow a Trainer-led vigorous workout routine for more heart-strengthening, muscle-toning fun. Requires Kettlebell skills and techniques learned in the Kettlebell I Workshop.

The Kettlebell FIT MIX Class adds the BOSU (balance trainer) or TRX (suspension training system) to the workout.

Classes are taught by Sandy Young, CPT

New classes coming soon. Check the Class Schedule.
*Requires completion of the Kettlebell I Training Workshop or equivalent. Skills required: Proficiency in KB Swings (alternating), Turkish Get-Up, Snatches, Clean & Press. The rest can be learned in class. If you think you have these skills, contact Sandy to demonstrate your skills and get an “OK” before signing up for this class.

Kettlebell Fitness